Plenary Session
Shuuji Kajita, Dr.

Humanoid Robotics Research in AIST and open issues in Robotics
Oct. 14 (Wednesday) 15:10~16:10 / Auditorium 1

Francesco Bullo, Prof.

Network Systems, Kuramoto Oscillators, and Synchronous Power Flow
Oct. 15 (Thursday) 09:10~10:10 / Auditorium 1

Anna Stefanopoulou, Prof.

The optimization and estimation needs for the transition to electrified transportation
Oct. 16 (Friday) 09:10~10:10 / Auditorium 1

Special Session
Phil Kim, Dr.

Fundamental Problems in Controller Design: Model Uncertainty
Oct. 15 (Thursday) 15:10~15:40 / Auditorium 1

Kyunghyun Cho, Prof.

Energy Internet & Energy System Integration
Oct. 15 (Thursday) 15:40~16:10 / Auditorium 1

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